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Tel: +1 (786) 540-1200

Frequently Asked Questions about Flower Orders

The answer is Yes! It is very important for us that you get what you paid for. If we are unable to do so because of low inventory in a specific flower or color you will be contacted by one of our sales representatives. They will communicate the problem and give you possible solutions. In other words if something has to be changed we will ask for your approval.

Since flowers are a natural product inventory is constantly fluctuating to guarantee a fresh product. Unfortunately this can mean that a flower can be temporarily sold out. When we contact you for a substitution we always make sure that the same style and size will not be affected. You always have the option of changing your delivery date so that it looks exactly like the picture. Substitutions are usually more common in orders that are not made with a lot of days in advance.

Your order will arrive on the chosen delivery date and chosen window of time. We offer a service of scheduled delivery when you need it on a specific time at an additional cost. Please call us at (305) 460-6169 to add this service to your order.

First thing we do is contact you, unless your arrangement is to be delivered in an office or a building that has a front desk. In that case, we will leave it there and ask for a signature of the person that receives it. If we are delivering to a home we will contact you and ask permission to call the recipient. Once we contact the recipient we ask for permission to leave in the front door. This is important because flowers should not be left out in the heat for too long so the recipient has to be aware to come home and put them in a cool space. You always have the option of paying the re-delivery fee and coordinating a new time of delivery or picking it up at one of our locations.

No, unless specified by our client. We usually contact the recipient only when there are delivery issues after we have gotten approval from the client.

We do two types of arrangements: arrangements in water and arrangements in Oasis floral foam. For arrangements in water the best way to keep flowers fresh is to change the water every 2 days. For Oasis arrangements it’s important to pour water every 2 days. Please do so in waterproof surfaces since it may leak. Keep your bouquet in a cool location in your home, away from direct sunlight or electronics and appliances that give off heat.

We offer a 3-day guarantee on all our fresh products. Keep in mind that all flowers have a different life span. Make sure that you keep your flowers at an optimal condition to make them last as long as you can.

Our commitment to you is that you receive fresh flowers. IIf you believe your flowers were damaged in transportation please call the store at (305)460-6169, we will be happy to solve your problems.

Yes, but you have to call the store (939) 644-6169 to make the changes. We love making custom bouquets or changing the arrangements to our clients needs.

It’s your choice! We have a category of fresh flower bunches from there you can pick the packages of flowers you like and arrange them yourself. Any other category is only for arrangements already made by us!

Yes, in order for the recipient to receive the senders information the field “From” should be filled.

We get all of our flowers straight from the farm! We try to buy a lot from local farms! Florida gives us gorgeous sunflowers, orchids succulents and many more! We also buy from farms in Colombia, Holland, Costa Rica and many other countries!

In order to successfully place an order we will need your name, phone number and email. We also need the recipients full name, address, and phone number. We will ask you if you want to include a message with your flowers, so you might want to have that ready but if you don’t our sales representatives are trained to help you come up with one. Lastly, we will need the payment information.

You can always call us at (305) 460-6169 we love teaching people about flowers and our sales representative will gladly help you navigate through our collections. They have access to floral designers who have taught them the most important parts of ordering flowers.

Like any other industry the prices of flowers are dictated by supply and demand. During the holidays there is a large demand and supply is limited. Since demand is so large we also have to order from farms we don’t regularly work with and their prices will be higher. Freight prices also go up during these times.

Covid 19 Note – Deliveries to hospitals might not be possible, please call the hospital beforehand to make sure they are receiving deliveries.
To order a flower arrangement you will need the hospital name, Hospital’s ward (ex: Maternity Ward), the patient name, and the room number. Some hospitals prohibit flowers in certain areas such as intensive care. Any arrangement with lilies will not be accepted in a hospital. If you are unsure what flowers will be safest we will be happy to help just give us a call at (305) 460-6169

Frequently Asked Questions about Funeral Flowers

You need to have the address and the time of the service. In order to deliver the flowers you will need to address them to the person that has passed away. In case you want to send a message to the family you can specify it and we will add it in the note. We suggest calling the store for these orders if the time frame does not fit the schedule of the service. Once the service has started funeral homes do not accept flowers.

We understand that this is a hard time, please give us a call at (305)460-6169 so we can provide advice on what you should provide as a family member, friend of the family or acquaintance. Most commonly funerals are very traditional and people use white flowers with subtle hints of color or greenery. If you know the person closely and want to honor their favorite color please call the store and we will accommodate your request.

If you wish to speak to us about how you want the funeral arrangement we will love to help. We have done many different designs, shapes and are open to make what you need.

Yes, In the weeks after the service, sending flowers can be a comforting gesture that you haven’t forgotten. A sympathy arrangement for a residence can be a white orchid plant or an assortment of fresh flowers in water. If you want to send something with colors, we usually recommend that it is when you know the person well.